Dynamics 365 Proposal Management


Peter Charles had amassed a large amount of information about projects the company had been involved with over many years. This information included categorisation information stored in MS Excel, and text-based summary information about the projects, stored in MS Word.

The brief from Peter was to make it easier to create and manage this information, while enabling better reporting on projects and the rapid creation of tailor-made proposals when approaching clients about new projects. The solution should integrate with Peter Charles Limited's existing Office 365 environment.

A custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution with Office 365 Groups Integration (SharePoint) was implemented to address these challenges.


  • Analyse the existing data sources
  • Create a Dynamics 365 "Solution" in a test environment
  • Design and build the custom entities for Dynamics 365 in the test environment
  • Manipulate and standardise the existing data sources in preparation for Import
  • Design and build the custom views, forms, charts, processes, flows and security roles.
  • Design and implement custom Office 365 Groups integration and automation
  • Design and implement Dynamics Word XML templates for proposal creation
  • Design and implement Model Driven Apps for the different types of user who would use the solution
  • Test, evaluate and update all elements
  • Release the solution to the production environment
  • Import the existing data into Dynamics 365
  • Train users


  • Project information is centralised and controlled
  • The creation of new project information is integrated into the existing sales process
  • Tailor-made proposals, citing examples of relevant previous projects, can be created in a matter of seconds
  • Content creators can create and modify project information in a simple cut-down interface without access to the full functionality of Dynamics 365
  • Published proposals are automatically accessible to other permitted team members from Office 365
  • New charts and reports can easily be created