Founder Friendly Growth Advisory


Working with the founders of businesses that have reached the first revenue milestones has taught us that we often find the same issues holding them back from their next stage of growth. We find teams doing what used to work rather than working to a defined future. We find executives in management who have lost a little of the enthusiasm they had when they started. Initial confidence has turned to well-informed doubt. Team structures and skill sets that launch the company so well aren’t quite what is needed for the next stage of growth. The information, accounts, and insight aren’t enabling the leadership team to take informed and timely decisions. As the scope of the business has expanded, gaps have opened in the skill sets across the team. The next stage of growth requires additional infrastructure, talent, and (quite probably) external finance.

We have taken our own businesses through those growth stages and on up to $100 million of annual revenue. We excel in helping other founders take that journey successfully.

Most importantly, we help to ensure that founders achieve their own objectives for wealth, wellness, personal branding, succession, and lifestyle.


We have designed, tested, implemented, and learned by using a broad and deep selection of techniques, checklists, and methods that help us to inspire founders to rediscover their sense of enthusiasm, energy, and delight in their business by removing distractions, solving problems, and finding people and resources to help them achieve the thing they originally set out to do.

We can quickly help founders to: 1. define what success means to them personally and as a business 2. support the founders in achieving those objectives 3. enable clarity of visions, values, methods, obstacles, and metrics 4. enhance professionalism and governance 5. reduce risks where possible and manage those where they should not be reduced 6. improve the composition and behaviour of the board 7. signpost the location of resources and valuable business 8. obtain external finance 9. enhance internal systems infrastructure 10. develop new and profitable businesses and services

While doing that, we can draw on the following areas of expertise within the group under a single expert who leads the work with the founder group

  1. Provision of accounting services
  2. Strategic planning, mentorship, and advice
  3. Strategic business development
  4. Strategic corporate partnerships
  5. C-suite networking for the purposes of business development and data gathering
  6. Business modelling, and financial modelling
  7. Provision of interim resources from a virtual network of high-quality providers
  8. Fundraising support; directly (designated professional business) or through a network of brokers and agents
  9. Identifying “soft money”, government grants, tax breaks, and corporate venturing support


  1. founders are free to deploy more of their personal time into the areas of the business that they enjoy and excel at
  2. business growth rates and margins improve
  3. additional working capital, debt finance, and external equity can be raised
  4. skill sets are improved and completed
  5. senior executives tend to enjoy their roles more as they can see the benefits being delivered