PMO Dashboard


A medium-sized professional services company was growing and had reached a transition point where better visibility was needed over internal activities across the organization.

Information about internal activities was managed in a number of different systems including MS Office 365 Planner, MS Dynamics 365 and MS Exchange.


  • Create custom solution for MS Dynamics 365 to manage information about internal projects
  • Analyse the data sources and target users' requirements and select an appropriate platform – MS Power Apps
  • Configure custom connectors to pull in data from APIs
  • Optimize performance by offloading complex queries where possible
  • Merge task data from disparate sources in PowerApps Canvas app
  • Create a single user interface to show all tasks across all projects with appropriate sorting and filtering options
  • Enable priority setting across internal projects
  • Enable editing for project details from within the app
  • Provide links to source data from the dashboard
  • Provide links to associated Office 365 groups


  • The management team can see all activity across the internal organisation
  • The management team can easily navigate between projects from a single interface
  • Managers can set priorities across all internal projects
  • Individuals can see all their tasks from disparate systems in one place